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Being under house arrest has its advantages and disadvantages. I have a direct line to the DOJ and US Marshals on my right ankle and if I were to be in trouble they’d come running.

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On the other hand, being stuck home on Valentines day can be annoying, so coming up with ideas other than the usual dinner and a movie requires some creativity. Further, I’m always up to the challenge of trying to pay in Bitcoin!

I contacted the folks at on Friday to see if they can help. After finding the perfect duo to serenade my girlfriend and I, they asked me to pay via Venmo.

Venmo is instant and free only if you add a bank account. I tried doing this but an error told me there would be a 2-4 day delay for them to verify my account.

No problem, they have a credit card option but when I tried adding mine, the notification said there is a 3% fee for me. Renting a private musical act is not cheap, and 3% added fee is pretty damn high.

I sent them an email and explained that by accepting Bitcoin via there is no fee and no currency risk if they instantly sell the BTC. I explained that unlike what they read in the press, Bitcoin is 2 things. Bitcoin is a global, instant and free payment system while bitcoin is a unit of value (notice the capitalization differences)

After a few back and forth emails they were set up with Coinbase and emailed me an invoice which I promptly paid. By chance they hadn’t sold their BTC yet and with an overnight price bump they made an extra $20.

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Around 7pm a trombone and melodica duo showed up at my FiDi apartment and serenaded with:

– My Girl, The Temptations
– John Legend, All of Me
– Nat King Cole, I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
Thanks again to the folks at for making this happen!



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