It’s All About the Bitcoin, Baby

Bitcoin Value Soars And DropsThe New York Observer’s Jessica Roy profiles of EVR, the first gastro-pub/bar to accept Bitcoins in NYC and BitInstant, the Bitcoin startup that makes it easy for people to use the crypto-currency.

“I went to Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley, and every investor knows what bitcoin is and they’re all trying to invest,” Mr. Shrem explained. “Lightspeed, Greylock, Fred Wilson’s company [Union Square Ventures]—they all want to get involved, it’s crazy. And I’m like, ‘Guys, where were you two years ago?’”


The New York bar that takes Bitcoins

EVR partners Charlie Shrem and Alex Likhtenstein

EVR partners Charlie Shrem and Alex Likhtenstein

CNN Money’s Emily Jane Fox profile EVR, the first NYC Bar to accept Bitcoins.

“When we opened a few months ago, I said that we needed to be the first New York bar to accept Bitcoins,” said Charlie Shrem, the 23-year old co-owner of the midtown Manhattan bar. “We’re putting up stickers and banners to make sure they know this is the Bitcoin place.”