Thoughts on consulting for

Thoughts on consulting for

I haven’t had a chance to talk about some of the new projects that I’ve been up to. NewsBTC reported first, that I’ve joined as a business development consultant.

This opportunity is really excited because I’m used to working only with startups, having started 2 myself. For the first time, I’m working for a very large multi national corporation with 300+ employees thats been in business over 10 years.

Payza specializes in underbanked countries. I’m really excited to be working with a large team that can help me take Bitcoin to the people who need it the most. I am responsible for consulting on the development, integration and incorporation of Bitcoin and Digital Currency into the Payza Global Platform.

This is what Payza had to say via The Wall Street Journal:

“Clearly, Mr. Shrem has an exceptional knowledge of the bitcoin market that we felt would be beneficial,” Payza said in a written statement. The company added that it has set “specific parameters on his role which is based on a limited engagement” and that it is considering his input along with other consultants.

Payza released a blog post a few days later outlining their plans:

Payza has started actively exploring different possibilities of integrating the Bitcoin cryptocurrency into its online payment platform. “We have a distinct vision of how we would like to incorporate Bitcoins into our platform,” said Ali Nizameddine, Executive VP of Product and Technology at Payza.
“The option that is most appealing is to allow our members to purchase Bitcoins with funds in their secure Payza accounts and to allow them to store their Bitcoins in their Payza ewallets or to transfer them to another wallet service. Also, merchants that process payments using Payza would be able to easily add the option to accept Bitcoin payments without the need to incorporate other payment gateways” Nizameddine added. “That is what we are currently trying to achieve, but the actual service offered will depend on the partnerships we forge and the regulations of the countries in which we operate.”

Charlie Shrem on What Really Powers Bitcoin – It’s Community. CEBEXPO Vienna 2014

Charlie Shrem on What Really Powers Bitcoin – It’s Community. CEBEXPO Vienna 2014

Those who attended on the Central European Bitcoin Conference or watched our live Stream were lucky to see my speech live.

I told some really nice stories on how bitcoin can connect people even with totally different beliefs, religions and backgrounds.

He also told us how much he likes Europe and especially Vienna. Now you have a chance to watch the full footage.

Recorded LIVE on the CEBEXPO 2014. Brought to you by and

Investing in People, A Gift That Keeps on Giving.

Investing in People, A Gift That Keeps on Giving.

Over 200 teenagers came to participate in SAVE!: Soccer and Volleyball 4 Etgarim. We raised $30,000

Over 200 teenagers came to participate in SAVE!: Soccer and Volleyball 4 Etgarim. We raised $30,000

While at Yeshivah of Flatbush high school, I organized fundraising activities benefiting Tikvot & Etgarim, two Israeli non-profit organizations which help victims of war and terror with rehabilitation of body, mind and soul. In this article published in Jewish Image Magazine in 2008, Charlie explains how he and his classmates helped with logistics and fundraising (more photos), specifically for Asael Shabo who lost his leg in 2002 when his home was invaded and his brothers and mother killed. In a followup article, he interviewed Steven Averbach, an American who started Tikvot in Israel and traveled back to the US to raise money. With the money raised, Asael Shabo received a specialized sports prosthetic leg and various services so he could continue his physical rehabilitation through sports.

“On May 20th, I landed in Israel and walked toward my father on my own, leaving my crutches behind.” – Asael Shabo

Since then, Asael competed on Israel’s national wheelchair basketball team in Frankfurt, Germany! He has been profiled in countless magazines as a leader and role model for other parathletes at Sport Center for the Disabled (ISCD) where he trains in order to realize his dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.

“I’m thankful to be able to say I have a lot to look forward to.” – Asael Shabo

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin will début at TFF 2014

tff14-official_selection_laurel-blkClick here to watch the film now! 


The Tribeca Film Festival has selected the highly anticipated Bitcoin documentary The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin for the upcoming edition of the festival next month. This landmark documentary introduces us to a dozen Bitcoin early adopters as well as the core team of developers, consultants, evangelists who built the first Bitcoin businesses and founded the Bitcoin Foundation.

Let’s Talk Bitcoins: The Captive and The Mountain

Let’s Talk Bitcoins: The Captive and The Mountain

artworks-000071943601-fe78zq-t200x200Segment 1 – Brooklyn Captive with Charlie Shrem, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy and Adam B. Levine – RECORDED 2/20/2014

Highlights Include:
Charges & The Story
The Foundation
The Advice He Wishes He’d Had

Hire a compliance officer! Companies need to take regulations seriously. Regulators will go after all [Bitcoin businesses]. Ignorance will not keep you out of jail.

Segment 2 – The Venerable MT GOX with Charlie Shrem, David Perry and Adam B. Levine – RECORDED 2/24/2014
Late Night analysis of the MTGOX Crisis Strategy Brief

Let’s Talk Bitcoins: The Captive and The Mountain Ep87

Latin American Bitcoin Conference – Argentina 2013

The first Latin American Bitcoin conference was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 7-8, 2013.


The Bitcoin bromance crew (L to R)  Ira Miller, Erik Vorhees, *Complete*


Seeing friends and colleagues and meeting new faces in the Bitcoin community.


With Tony Gallippi. The Startups & Entrepreneurs panel moderated by Joel Bowman also featured Bitcoin entrepreneur and former BitInstant Marketing Director Erik Voorhees.


Making new friends.