A few weeks ago I was released from Lewisburg FPC. I want to thank the hundreds of people who wrote, sent books, money, magazines, and their support. There are no words to describe my appreciation and affection to all of you. Thank you so much. Currently I’m home in southern Pennsylvania where Courtney and I have… Read more »

Bitcoin for Prison

Bitcoin may have indirectly landed me in prison, but it’s still my passion. An alternative global transaction network would give people more control over their finances, allowing them to send money with greater privacy and without having to trust (or pay) a middleman. It would also reduce the time it takes to move money by… Read more »

So, I’m going to prison. Reflections from Bitcoins’ first felon

(Below I’ve details some ways to get in touch while I’m inside, please do not hesitate to do so. I look forward to everything! ) I’ve been dreading writing this blog post, and since I’ve written it, it’s been sitting as draft for a few weeks. Never the less, it’s time I get on with… Read more »

Things you can buy with Bitcoin: A jazz duo at your apartment on Valentines Day

Being under house arrest has its advantages and disadvantages. I have a direct line to the DOJ and US Marshals on my right ankle and if I were to be in trouble they’d come running. On the other hand, being stuck home on Valentines day can be annoying, so coming up with ideas other than… Read more »

The simple and powerful way of running a Bitcoin node

How to run a full Bitcoin node on a Virtual Private Server. Running a Bitcoin node gives you a the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from helping people download the blockchain faster. Same as seeding torrents provides warm fuzzies. You are supporting the overall Bitcoin network, relaying transactions and allowing people close to your server… Read more »

Thoughts on consulting for Payza.com

I haven’t had a chance to talk about some of the new projects that I’ve been up to. NewsBTC reported first, that I’ve joined Payza.com as a business development consultant. This opportunity is really excited because I’m used to working only with startups, having started 2 myself. For the first time, I’m working for a… Read more »

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin will début at TFF 2014

Click here to watch the film now!    The Tribeca Film Festival has selected the highly anticipated Bitcoin documentary The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin for the upcoming edition of the festival next month. This landmark documentary introduces us to a dozen Bitcoin early adopters as well as the core team of developers, consultants, evangelists… Read more »

Play Satoshi Flight!

I made this little game for you! Yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands.

Bitcoins.sh a Free URL Shortner

Enjoy this simple URL shortener I created for fun!